Chemical Sciences

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In the ancient times, Chemistry was regarded as an Egyptian art. The Egyptians tried their hands at the art of converting an ordinary metal into gold and named it Alchemy. But today, as we understand, chemistry is not an art but a great scientific subject.

As we know that universe is composed of only two things – matter and energy, chemistry can be defined as the study of chemical composition of matter, its properties, its uses for mankind and how matter and energy is related to each other and how they are converted into each other.

In the universe, matter exists in four states – Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.

However, on earth, only three states of matter exist – Solid, Liquid and Gas. Everything that we perceive around exists in these forms. Therefore, it becomes necessarily to study "Chemical Science" to understand the nature of everything around us.

Today chemical sciences occupy a very wide domain. It is divided into many sub-branches like – inorganic, organic, physical, industrial, analytical, agricultural, pharmaceutical chemistry etc. But basically there are three main branches of chemistry – Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry.

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