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1Unit-1 Business Environment & International BusinessVIEW SAMPLE
2Unit-2 Financial and Management AccountingVIEW SAMPLE
3Unit-3 Business EconomicsVIEW SAMPLE
4Unit-4 Business FinanceVIEW SAMPLE
5Unit-5 Business Statistics and Research MethodsVIEW SAMPLE
6Unit-6 Business Management & Human Resource ManagementVIEW SAMPLE
7Unit-7 Banking & Financial InstitutionVIEW SAMPLE
8Unit-8 Marketing ManagementVIEW SAMPLE
9Unit-9 Legal Aspects of BusinessVIEW SAMPLE
10Unit-10 Income Tax and Corporate Tax PlanningVIEW SAMPLE
11UGC NET- Paper-I [ Compulsory ]VIEW SAMPLE

Commerce is an abstract idea that refers to activities of buying and selling of goods and services whereas business is more physical in the sense that it can be owned by a person. A person can own a business but he certainly doesn’t own commerce. Similarly a company does business with its clients and not commerce though the activities of the company come within the purview of the broader term commerce.

Commerce is much closer to trade and trade related activities such as communication, transportation, insurance, and so on. On the other hand, business is an activity that is undertaken with the sole motive of making profits.

 Commerce is thus a part of all the activities that are carried out in the name of business such as planning, advertising, selling, buying, marketing, accounting and supervising manufacturing etc.

 Commerce is just the buying and selling part of business thus being smaller in scope than business.

Since  it is obvious from the aforesaid definitions of Commerce that it is a multidisciplinary, cross functional and versatile discipline of study. With reference to any student aspiring to qualify UGC NET in the streams of Commerce rigorous preparation and commitment is required.

At OSN ACADEMY we specialize in preparing the aspirants to qualify UGC NET/JRF/SLET/ Ph.D Entrances in a comprehensive way by following modes:

 Class Room Teaching

 Availability of Study Material

The content is comprehensive, holistic, exhaustive, applied and well supported by examples and illustrations. So if anyone opts for class room mode or outright purchase of Study Material on line , the content is best, latest and updated which will help the aspirant to be confident for the UGC NET/JRF/SLET Examination. The teaching pedagogy is based on class room lectures, tutorial, assessment, in class tests, model question papers, solved question papers of previous years fully supported by state of art infrastructure. Lastly OSN ACADEMY is a one destination for the best training and mentoring support for successfully qualifying UGC NET/JRF/ SLET in the stream of Commerce.

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